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#007 Brain Gospel Tract
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Uses: This unique Gospel Tract is great for any academic environment, hospital, doctors office, and any other place the Spirit leads. It carefully bridges the science of the brain and the Creator’s Finger print on it. Comments: We have passed this Gospel Tract out on college campuses, and it was received well, especially once they saw the useful diagrams of the brain on the back. Size: This Tract Measures 4” x 4” Languages: English USA Pricing: $0.04/Tract (Includes Shipping) International Pricing: $0.13/Tract (Includes Shipping)
Order #007: “Brain Tract”
Front Text (Order #007): Something to Think About: Would you agree to some extent that you as a person consist of a body, soul, and spirit? If so, consider the definition of each: Body: Man’s body is physical and functions here in the physical realm. Soul: Man’s soul is immaterial and contains physical life in which the image of God dwells. Spirit: Only with his spirit can man know God as a person and understand divine phenomena. Our body is the easiest of the three to understand because that is what we encounter on a day to day basis, but is there something more to each of us, something that makes up the core of who we are? God’s image in man’s soul: Will, Intellect, Emotion, Conscience, and Everlasting Existence. Do you possess any of these core attributes? Although you may or may not agree with everlasting existence, consider this. If it is true, you and I will live forever somewhere. The Bible makes it very clear that everlasting existence is spent in one of two places, Heaven or Hell. We as humans have a conscience which bears witness to right and wrong. Have you lied, stolen, or had sex outside of marriage? This is called sin and sin will numb your conscience. If you don’t repent, God will give you over to a depraved mind, which is a mind that cannot think on pure things. Are you finding it hard to think about what has been presented thus far? The Bible says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”(1 John 1:9) Have you truly repented of your sins, which means to turn away from them, and have you ever asked Jesus to change you from the inside out, which is a spiritual rebirth? If something in you desires this and understands it, now is your chance to act and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, because your spirit has just been nudged. Visit: A4Truth.org Back Text (Order #007): (Shows figure of Brain Anatomy, please refer to image.)
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