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A Testimony in court can make or break a case. It’s up to those listening to decide whether or not the person testifying is in fact telling the truth. Consider this a court room and you are part of the jury
Testimony = To Tell What Happened
Case #7
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More Cases To Come.........
Case #6
This is a testimony of a man who had it all in terms of physical ability and fame. At one point in his life he hit rock bottom during a season of severe drug and alcohol use which turned into idolatry. Watch how God intersects his life.
This testimony is of a man who was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and a devout atheist and skeptic of the Christian Faith. Watch how his almost two-year investigation into the claims of Christianity cause him to follow the evidence where it leads.
Lee Strobel has since written many books, and a movie was even made about his testimony in 2017 and is called “The Case For Christ”