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Here’s a case in which a young man who was diagnosed with bone cancer cried out to God and asked a simple question: “ God, Can You Hear Me?”
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Case #2
This is a story of a young woman’s trials that should have pushed her away from God, but what man meant for evil, God meant for good. Please listen as confusion and heartache is turned into peace and a stronger relationship with Christ. This is “My Story“ by Aimee
Case #5
This is a testimony of a man who struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction for many years. This addiction not only caused his marriage to end, but it also caused many years of regret and shame. But God in His Grace reached down and saved him when he could not save himself. Listen to Brent as he shares what God has done in his life.
This is a testimony about a woman who was involved with same- sex attractions/relationships and a life-style of habitual sin. Watch how God showed her that homosexuality is simply a part of a larger sin problem and that He died to forgive her.
This is a testimony of a young man who was heavily involved in the New Age teachings and found himself running one of the most popular New Age websites on the internet until God drew him to Himself. “Steven Bancarz and his journey from New Age to Christ”
A Testimony in court can make or break a case. It’s up to those listening to decide whether or not the person testifying is in fact telling the truth. Consider this a court room and you are part of the jury. On this page you will see some select testimonies of how each life has changed as a result of knowing Jesus Christ.
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