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There is Hope in Jesus

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#016 There is Hope in Jesus Sticker
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Uses: This Sticker is great to wear and start a conversation with people who have lost Hope. It is great to wear while at work and perfect for those who work at a job such as a Hospital or any job that allows you to interact with people. Use it to evangelize to children as well. Comments: This Sticker stands out on most any color of clothing or surface. It is a timeless message and a reminder to never Hope in anything other then Jesus Himself. There is true Hope, and it won’t be found in riches, family, friends, or in human kind. True Hope is only found in Christ Jesus. Size: This Sticker is the Size of a Standard Business Card Measuring 3.5” x 2” Languages: English USA Pricing: $0.04/Sticker (Includes Shipping) International Pricing: $0.13/Sticker (Includes Shipping)
Order #016: “There is Hope in Jesus Sticker”
Front Text (Order #016): There is HOPE in Jesus! Back Text (Order #016): N/A
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