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#001 Yellow Card Gospel Tract
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Uses: This is a general tract with an innumerable amount of uses, from passing out in bulk, to leaving them in a place where someone will find it. Also, they’re great to leave on cars. Comments: These Gospel Tracts are awesome and we have seen God use them mightily. Although the tract appears dull, it is actually engaging because it challenges unbelievers and believers alike. It is simple to pass out, but just remember when people say “What is this?” Just tell them “It has a message on the Front and on the Back.” Remember to really emphasize the “Back” part, because it can really spark their interest. If they say “hey wait, there is nothing on the back.” There’s your opportunity to start a conversation or encourage them to read the front and find out. Size: This Gospel Tract is the Size of a Standard Business Card Measuring 3.5” x 2” Languages: English (Order #001) and Spanish (Order #001sp) USA Pricing: $0.04/Tract (Includes Shipping) International Pricing: $0.13/Tract (Includes Shipping)
Order #001: “Yellow Card Gospel Tract”
Front Text in English (Order #001): Listed on the back of this card is what you have done to earn your place in heaven when you die (Flip Card). But, here on the front, is what Jesus did for you. Have your ever lied or stolen anything? If your answer is yes, then you have sinned. It is important to understand that Jesus Christ is the only one who took care of the payment that is attached to sin. God came to earth and died on a cross for you, which took care of your sins once and for all. Turn away from your sins and follow Jesus; He alone can forgive you because he alone paid for your sins. Why? Because he loves you: even if you don’t love him. Romans 6:23 Visit: Back Text in English (Order #001): N/A Front Text in Spanish (Order #001sp): Atras de esta tarjeta hay una lista de las obras que usted ha hecho para ganar su lugar en el cielo cuando muera (Voltee la tarjeta). Pero, aqui en el frente, esta lo que Jesus hiso por usted. ¿Alguna vez ha mentido o robado algo? Si su respuesta es un si, entonces usted ha pecado. Es importante entender que Jesucristo es el unico que se encargo del pago que viene adjunto al pecado. Dios vino a esta tierra y murio en una cruz por usted, cual se encargo de todos sus pecados de una vez por todas. Apartese de sus pecados y siga a Jesus; solo El puede perdonar sus pecados porque solo El pago por sus pecados. ¿Por que? Porque El lo/la ama: aunque usted no lo ame a El. Romanos 6:23. Visite: Back Text in Spanish (Order #001sp): N/A
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